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27 Septembre 2014 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Beautiful Man - Models

Adam Gumula - Soul/Chosen - est sublimement photographié par Greg Vaughan...!
Via Homotography ..thx !
Via Homotography ..thx !
Via Homotography ..thx !
Via Homotography ..thx !
Via Homotography ..thx !
Via Homotography ..thx !

Via Homotography ..thx !

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un peu de biographie

Adam David Gumula was born in the small town of Brooklyn, Connecticut. He was very aware, as early as 6, that his size and natural athletic abilities made him quite proficient at football, baseball and wrestling. He became a spectacle on the football field though, playing multiple positions and rarely stepping off for a break. Adam transformed himself from a tall lean boy, into a muscular menace. He graduated from Woodstock Academy High School in Woodstock, Connecticut in the summer of 2007.

His success in football earned him a scholarship to play at Deans College in Massachusetts. Life took a very big u-turn when he decided to pass up on this amazing opportunity to pursue, a girl ( hey, it happens!). But as every door shuts, a window will open and that came when he found himself employed at Hollister in 2009 at the Providence Place Mall. This would be, unbeknownst to him, the start of his modeling career.

Two weeks after folding clothes and greeting customers with the "Hey, what's up!?" Adam's store pictures were approved to shoot their campaign in the coming weeks. Things started moving fast for Adam. Doing the grand opening for the Soho store in downtown Manhattan, shooting A&F's spring campaign and appearing in the 2010 Gilly Hicks calendar as Mr. March.

Seizing on this once in a lifetime opportunity, Adam decided to pack a bag and move to New York City with very little money in his pocket and only a floor in a friends dorm room at St. John's to sleep on. It did not take long for him to get himself settled, first by signing with the agency VNY and resuming work at Hollister in Soho as a transfer.

VNY, being more of a fashion sensible agency saw potential in Adam but there was one little (big) problem, he was 30 pounds heavier than every other model on their board. The hours of time spent at the gym had finally bit him in the ass. He was required to lose some of the weight he had worked so hard over the years to pack on. Adam knew he would have to reinvent himself to make it in this industry, so he began to run many miles and watched what he ate and the pounds came off. Unfortunately he was pressed to lose more weight than he had the desire to shed and he decided to look for an agency that would work with his body type. This is when he was fortunate to land at Major Models.

Adam is still working hard to be a huge success in the modeling world and you can catch him long boarding to his casting's all over NYC. So far it's the story of a small town boy growing up like any other and finding his image on the walls of one of the world's most popular retail stores. One day you just might see the bright young face of Adam Gumula on the big screen. Until that day comes the work is never over for him.

et des images ici:
Merci mon ami pour cette biographie !!!