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Sherisse Laurence - L'amour De Ma Vie - ESC 1986

24 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision


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Eurovision 2008 : The final

23 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

La liste et l'ordre de passage :

01 - Roumanie
02 - Royaume Uni
03 - Albanie
04 - Allemagne
05 - Arménie
06 - Bosnie Herzégovine
07 - Israël
08 - Finlande
09 - Croatie
10 - Pologne
11 - Islande
12 - Turquie
13 - Portugal
14 - Lettonie
15 - Suède
16 - Danemark
17 - Géorgie
18 - Ukraine
19 - France
20 - Azerbaijan
21 - Grèce
22 - Espagne
23 - Serbie
24 - Russie
25 - Norvège

Mon top 10

12 points : Portugal

 10 points : Serbie

8 points : Pologne

7 points : Suède

6 points : Roumanie

5 points : Russie

4 points :  Lettonie

3 points : Norvege

2 points : Georgie

1 point : Islande

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Eurovision 2008: The final - first dress rehearsals

23 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

The first dress rehearsal of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest has just stated. Esctoday.com will be reporting live coverage from this afternoon's rehearsal.

Marija Serifovic provided the opening for the show with a remix version of Molitva. She is joined on stage by 14 female singers dressed 50/50 in white dress and black suites. A very bisexuals look! Marija also sings her new song Why. After both song she introduces the hosts for Eurovision Song Contest< Zeljko Joksimovic and Jovanna Jankovic.


Nico and Vlad get the show off to a strong show with more of the fantastic harmonisation we have seen all week from the Romanians. This is time Nico is dresses is a very elegant silver dress which is wore subtle than the green outfit she wore in the first dress rehearsal. This is a perfect opener to the 2008 show.


Andy sings his entry will strong vocals and plenty energy, just as we would expect from the former X-Factor contender. This is a very charismatic performance from Andy and his 5 piece band. They look to be very proud to be representing the UK and are having lots of fun on the stage. He connects well with the both the camera and the audience. Good job Andy!


This first rehearsal starts on the wrong foot for No Angels as they manage to get on tune and in sync when well into the song. Not much has changed since their previous rehearsal and not much has improved. All 4 angels are on stage and the show is ladden with far too much, a heavy background, dress changes, wind machines, pyros etc.


The same show for Armenia in this first dress rehearsal for the final but Sirusho's performance is nowhere as good as in the semi, she is often out of tune and maybe too loud at times. But this is just a first rehearsal so things should improve in the ones to follow.


Dressed in the same black outfit, Olta Boka gives another good performance of her song. The youngest singer in the competition has grown in confidence during the two week of rehearsals and this is one of the strongest we have seen from her. Olta always sing with emotion and this is also the case today. She has a positive reaction from the audience.


Once again Laka is joined on stage by his sister for this eccentric stage performance for Pokusaj.  Throughout the performance we see plenty of energetic movement from Laka, who is often see running around the stage.  Certainly an entertaining and bizarre rehearsal from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the staging works and the song has become a firm favourite with Eurovision fans during the last.


Another emotive performance from Boaz Mauda.  There are no changes from the routine we saw last Tuesday in the first semi final.  Again, he sings the first verse on his own and is latter joined by five male backing singers who harmonise very well with Boaz's vocals.  Perfect connection with audience and camera by Boaz.


This will be short and sweet but Terasbetoni just gave another professional and flawless performance of their entry.


Many were surprised to see Croatia qualify in the final but Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents go ahead and give one more great performance of Romanca, identical to the one that got them through.


This is another controlled and polished performance from Isis.  She performs her entry with breathtaking vocals and and strong emotion.  It obvious that this song means so much to Isis and she seems to be very proud to be representing Poland in this contest.  She certainly provided the most outstanding female vocals we have seen so for in the afternoon rehearsals.


Regina and Friedrik were cheerful and energetic during the final but now they seem happy. At times the song sounds slightly weaker at times but that should be fixed in the rehearsals to follow.


Mor ve otesi follow with one more flawless performance of Deli.


Once again Vania belts out an strong and convincing performance of her entry. Again she receives the biggest reception from the audience. Unlike meny other entries the use of the wind machine compliments the song and enchances its final verse. No changes in outfit or choreography and non is needed.


The Latvia Pirates take the stage and it is pure energy. The same performance we watched last night, happy and rhythmic, if out of tune at (many) times. Funny thing is that does not really matter given the nature of the song.


Let's see if number 15 will be lucky again for Charlotte. This certainly wasn't as good as yesterday, she seems to be shouting her way through the performance as opposed to singing. However she did the same thing in 2nd round  of technical rehearsals before the semi final. Nevertheless, camera angles catch the sleek choreography of the Swedes.


One thing we can tell about Simon is that he is thoroughly enjoying this and that shows well on camera. He is the same as last night only a bit more tired.


Diana was vocally perfect this afternoon. She is now delivering consistent performances removing any doubts that she showed when she first performed in Belgrade. Choreography is exactly the same with the effective transition from black to white. She does and amazing job of transforming a bleak routine into a positive one by changing the group's outfits.


There is just no stopping Ani Lorak from delivering an A class performance of Shady lady. The vocals are superb all through the song, the dance routine gets better with practice and she does not seem to be holding back at all.


This is a confusing one to watch on the television. It looks as if the director is deliberately showing the worst possible angles to present the song. Could it be that Sebastien is making a statement there? Previously we have only seen sleek camera angles and presentation of this entry. Sebastien gets huge reaction in the hall. During an amusing moment in the presentation we see the driver of his golf buggy attempt to perform a three point turn


Heaven and Hell hit the stage now, Elnur and Samir's vocals take off although Samir (devil) seems to be overdoing it at points.


Unfortunately Kalomira provides the worst vocal performance of this afternoon. For some reason the voices of her backing vocals have been turned down whilst hers have been increased. Nevertheless vibrant dancing provides great energy for this song.


Rodolfo is holding back it seems. Without his trademark glasses on he performs Chiki chiki with less enthusiasm than usual. Although the song can be hardly called demanding vocally, this leaves room for improvement.

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Eurovision 2008 - Semifinal - All Songs

23 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

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Concours Eurovision de la chanson 1970

23 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Date 21 mars 1970
Présentateur Willy Dobbe
Télédiffuseur hôte NOS
Lieu Rai Congrescentrum, Amsterdam
Drapeau de pays: Pays-Bas Pays-Bas

Chanson gagnante All Kinds of Everything
par Dana
Drapeau de pays: Irlande Irlande
Nombre de participants 12
Désistements Drapeau de pays: Danemark Danemark
Drapeau de pays: Finlande Finlande
Drapeau de pays: Norvège Norvège
Drapeau de pays: Portugal Portugal
Drapeau de pays: Suède Suède
Aucun point Drapeau de pays: Luxembourg Luxembourg

Résultats en finale, le 21 mars 1970

Artiste Chanson
Langue(s) Place Points
Drapeau de pays: Irlande Irlande Dana All kinds of everything Anglais 1 32
Drapeau de pays: Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni Mary Hopkin Knock Knock - Who's there? Anglais 2 26
Drapeau de pays: Allemagne Allemagne Katja Ebstein Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder Allemand 3 12
Espagne Julio Iglesias Gwendolyne Espagnol 4 8
Drapeau de pays: France France Guy Bonnet Marie Blanche Français 4 8
Drapeau de pays: Suisse Suisse Henri Dès Retour Français 4 8
Drapeau de pays: Pays-Bas Pays-Bas Hearts of Soul Waterman Néerlandais 7 7
Belgique Belgique Jean Vallée Viens l'oublier Français 8 5
Drapeau de pays: Italie Italie Gianni Morandi Occhi di ragazza Italien 8 5
Drapeau de pays: Monaco Monaco Dominique Dussault Marlène Français 8 5
Drapeau de pays: Yougoslavie Yougoslavie Eva Sršen Pridi, Dala ti bom cvet Slovène 11 4
Drapeau de pays: Luxembourg Luxembourg David Alexandre Winter Je suis tombé du ciel Français 12 0

Pays qui refusaient de participer 

  • Drapeau de pays: Portugal Portugal
  • Drapeau de pays: Autriche Autriche
  • Drapeau de pays: Suède Suède
  • Drapeau de pays: Finlande Finlande
  • Drapeau de pays: Norvège Norvège

L'absence de la Suède, Norvège, Finlande, Autriche et Portugal raccourcit l'émission. Deux motifs circulent sur leur absence : un signe de protestation suite au quatre gagnants en 1969, et pour protester sur les régimes de certains pays participants. Le Portugal avait déjà choisi une chanson, lors d'une sélection nationale (Onde vais rio que eu canto par Sergio Borges), mais retira sa participation.

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Eurovision 2008 : the results of the second semi final

22 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Les 10 qualifiés sont :


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EUROVISION 2008 Second Semi-Final general rehearsal

21 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Nineteen more countries will be fighting it out tomorrow for ten more places in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest final. The dress rehearsal has started.

Song 1- Iceland
A great start for the second semi! Friedrik is very correct vocally and energetic, captivating the audience's attention. Regina enters shortly, wearing a little too much makeup maybe, but besides that she is perfectly good. The song is catchy and sounds like a club hit.

Song 2 - Sweden
Charlotte starts off weaker than expected but picks up speed as the song progresses. She is well coordinated with her backing dancers but really needs to work a bit more on the act.

Song 5
- Turkey

Turkey looks good on stage today. Vocally perfect and cheerful, Mor ve otesi seem ti be enjoying that. Most of the camera work is focused on Harun's, the lead singer's,  face and the back drop is quite right so as not to distract the eye.

Song 4 - Ukraine
One more hot favourite follows, Ani Lorak. Not quite on tune at first but that changes pretty soon and Ani gives an excellent performance. The show is breathtaking with her and her backing dancers in perfect synch and excellent use of the props they have brought with them to Belgrade.

Song 5 - Lithuania 
Change of pace now,as Jeronimas Milius takes the stage. He starts off well, on tune but seems to be losing it a couple of times in the course. Standing all alone on the dark blue background, in his pirate outfit, Jeronimas improves his performance, concluding perfectly the song.

Song 6 - Albania 
Olta Boka sounds vocally correct but weaker than in the Albanian final. Dressed soberly in a dark suit with her long hair down she performs her song with a lot of correct camera interaction. Somehow the emotions that the song usually evokes are not there today.

Song 7 - Switzerland
Another fan favourite enters stage, Paolo Meneguzzi. Dressed all in black, his hair around his face, he seems to be a bit off tune during the first part of the song, and later as well. But he manages to give a good ending to the song and gets an enthusiastic response by the fans. 

Song 8 - Czech Republic
The Czech ensemble looks great on stage. Tereza is lively and energetic but not always on tune. One other problem is the male backing vocals that are way to loud, creating a sense of noise you can't really know where it comes from.

Song 9 - Belarus 
One more energetic performance by Ruslan Alehno but he really needs to try to maintain consistency as he tends to get out of tune often. The show works well, with the metal balls and the dancers.

Song 10 - Latvia
Latvia is fun and different. Aleksandra's vocals are greatly improved with a little help of the rest of the band and the Latvian crew is doing a good job. Well positioned in a circle the get excellent camera shots and this song is bound to have the Arena jumping up and down in sync.

Song 11 - Croatia 
One of the different songs of the contest this year. A charming performance by the Croats, but the camera is mostly focused on the pretty lady dancer, who dressed in red twirls and twirls all over the stage until she finally stops to play music out of bottles, filled with a red liquid matching her dress.

Song 12 - Bulgaria
The Bulgarians make excellent use of the long intro with excellent break dancing and DJ Balthazar and DJ Dian playing the guitar, or not? actually this is a prototype portable turntable, in the shape of a guitar which allows them freedom of movement. Joanna, the lead singer is looking sexier than ever in a hot red dress and she is holding a feather fan. A fun performance from the Bulgarian DJs

Song 13 - Denmark
Simon is having fun on stage and it is contagious. He is perfect vocally all through the song, happy and energetic. He plays well with the microphone, the microphone stand, the camera and the audience.

Song 14 - Georgia
Diana is vocally perfect all throughout the song. She starts off dressed in black and ends up in white framed by her backing singers .

Song 15 - Hungary 
Another flawless performance by Csezy from Hungary. The artist looks classy and elegant and manages to capture the camera and convey the essence of the song to the audience.

Song 16 - Malta
From romantic Hungary, to dynamic Malta and Russian Vodka. Morena is an energy bomb but she makes hardly any eye contact with the camera in most of the song making it look she is singing for the audience in the arena and not the TV one.
Song 17 - Cyprus
Evdokia has come a long way since the Cypriot final becoming more confident. The Cypriot song is certainly unique in style and the cabaret show works quite well. Two things though, Evdokia's vocals are not consistent all through the song and the backing vocalists are out of tune many times.

Song 18 - FYR Macedonia
Lively and entertaining show from Tamara, Andre and Vrcak. Vocally correct and well coordinated.

Song 19 - Portugal
A great ending this will be for the second semi final as Vania's performance can bring tears to the eyes. She is vocally perfect as are her backing singers. One thing that struck us is that although Vania is a sweet  person, she comes across rather wild with the sober colours and heavy  make up. Also the wind machine is maybe a little too high.


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Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Semi-Final (2)

21 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Deuxième demi finale (22 mai 2008)

01. Islande - Euroband - Fullkomio lif/This is my life
02. Suède - Charlotte Perrelli
- Hero
03. Turquie - Mor ve Ötesi - Deli
04. Ukraine - Ani Lorak - Shady Lady
05. Lituanie - Jeronimas Milius - Nomads in the night
06. Albanie - Olta Boka - Zemren e lame peng
07. Suisse - Paolo Meneguzzi - Era Stupendo
08. République tchèque - Tereza Kerndlova - Have some fun
09. Biélorussie/Bélarus - Ruslan Alehno - Hasta la vista
10. Lettonie - Pirates of the sea - Wolves of the sea
11. Croatie - Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents - Romanca
12. Bulgarie - Deep Zone & Balthazar - DJ Take Me Away !
13. Danemark - Simon Mathew - All night long
14. Géorgie - Diana Gurtskaya - Peace will come
15. Hongrie - Csézy - Szívverés
16. Malte - Morena - Vodka
17. Chypre - Evdokia Kadi - Femme Fatale
18. ARYMacédoine - Tamara ft Vrcak & Adrijan - Vo ime na ljubovta
19. Portugal - Vania Fernandes - Senhora Do Mar

Mon top 5 dans le désordre : Biélorussie, Hongrie, Suède, Portugal , République Tchèque
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Concours Eurovision de la chanson 1969

21 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Date 29 mars 1969
Présentatrice Laurita Valenzuela
Télédiffuseur hôte TVE
Lieu Teatro Real, Madrid

Chansons gagnantes Un jour, un enfant
par Frida Boccara
France France

De Troubadour par Lenny Kuhr
Pays-Bas Pays-Bas

Vivo cantando par Salomé

Boom Bang-a-Bang par Lulu
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
Nombre de participants 16
Désistement Autriche Autriche

Résultats en Finale, le 29 mars 1969

Artiste Chanson
Langue(s) Place Points
Espagne Salomé Vivo cantando Espagnol 1 18
France France Frida Boccara Un jour, un enfant Français 1 18
Pays-Bas Pays-Bas Lenny Kuhr De troubadour Néerlandais 1 18
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni Lulu Boom bang-a-bang Anglais 1 18
Suisse Suisse Paola del Medico Bonjour, bonjour Allemand 5 13
Monaco Monaco Jean-Jacques Maman, Maman Français 6 11
Belgique Belgique Louis Neefs Jennifer Jennings Flamand 7 10
Irlande Irlande Muriel Day & Lindsays The wages of love Anglais 7 10
Allemagne Allemagne Siw Malmkvist Primaballerina Allemand 9 8
Suède Suède Tommy Körberg Judy, min vän Suédois 9 8
Luxembourg Luxembourg Romuald Catherine Français 11 7
Finlande Finlande Jarkko & Laura Kuin silloin ennen Finnois 12 6
Yougoslavie Yougoslavie Ivan & 3M Pozdrav svijetu Croate 13 5
Italie Italie Iva Zanicchi Due grosse lacrime bianche Italien 13 5
Portugal Portugal Simone de Oliveira Desfolhada portuguesa Portugais 15 4
Norvège Norvège Kirsti Sparbø Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli Norvégien 16 1

La plus belle chanson de cet eurovion 1969
Frida Boccara : "Un Jour Un Enfant"

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First Semi-Final 2008 : Eurovision Song Contest

21 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

EXCLUSIVE: Reactions after performance !

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