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Eurovision 2008 : the results of the first semi final

20 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Les 10 qualifiés sont :


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Eurovision 2007 - WINNER - SERBIA - Marija Serifovic - Molitva

20 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Qui succédera à la Serbie en 2008 ???

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Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Semi-Final (1)

19 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Première Demi-finale
(20 mai 2008)

01. Monténégro - Stefan Filipović - Zauvijek volim te

02. Israël
- Boaz Mauda - Ke'ilo kan
03. Estonie
- Kreisiraadio - Leto svet
04. Moldavie
- Geta Burlacu - A Century of love
05. Saint Marin - MiOdio - Complice

06. Belgique - Ishtar - O Julissi

07. Azerbaïdjan
- Elnur Gusseinov - Day after day
08. Slovénie
- Rebeka Dremelj - Vrag naj vzame
09. Norvège
- Maria Haukaas Storeng - Hold on be strong
10. Pologne
- Isis Gee - For live
11. Irlande
- Dustin the Turkey - Irelande douze pointe
12. Andorre
- Gisèla - Casanova
13. Bosnie-Herzégovine - Elvir Lakovic Laka - Pokusaj

14. Arménie - Sirusho - Qele-Qele

15. Pays-Bas - Hind - Your Heart belongs to me

16. Finlande
- Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa
17. Roumanie
- Nico & Vlad Miriţă - Pe-o margine de lume
18. Russie - Dima Bilan - Believe

19. Grèce - Kalomiora - Secret Combinaition

Mon top 5 dans le désordre : Pologne, Slovénie, Andorre, Roumanie, et Russie qui sont en extrait dans le clip
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EUROVISION 2008 : the first general rehearsal!

19 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

19 May 2008

Today the very first general rehearsal of the first semi-final starts at the Belgrade Arena. Eurovision.tv will keep you updated througout the rehearsal.

After the obligatory Eurovision hymn, the semi-final starts out with a children chior singing. This is followed by men in white suits playing typical Balkan music. Dancers in the national colours of Serbia appear on stage. On the big LED screen in the background, multi-coloured flowers appear. Moreover, theband is playing Balkanized music. Thereafter the two hosts appear on stage. Jovana Janković and Željko Joksimović are wearing classy black outfits and greet the audience.

First song is Montenegro's Stefan Filipović who is performing Zauvijek Volim Te. He gives a solid performance of his mid-tempo rock song. The stage is mainly held in red colours. In between the entries, the performers are greeded in their own language. Next up is Israel's Boaz Mauda who sings The Fire In Your Eyes and who comes on the big stage which is completely dark. But this changes as soon as he sings the first chorus. Just as in his prior rehearsals, Boaz delivers vocally what you can expect of such a talented singer. Thereafter Estonia's Kreisiraadio is going on stage. The words of the song Leto Svet are displayed on the LED screen in the background. The colours on stage and on the LED background are mostly green, yellow and red. It looked like Kreisiraadio had fun on stage. Thereafter it was Moldova's turn on stage: Geta Burlacu was singing her song A Century Of Love in a relaxed atmosphere on the multi-coloured stage. During the performance the wind machine was used.

San Marino is the country up next. This is the first time that the small republic is participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. The group Miodio's performance of their song Complice was flawless and sensual. The lead singer Nicola Della Valle, who is also the lyricist of the song, plays well with the camera. Thereafter Belgium's Ishtar are coming on stage, singing their song O Julissi, which is a song in a made-up language. The backing singers are wearing miniature hats, and the lead singer is wearing her white and red dress. It was a solid performance by Ishtar. Afterwards there is a small break where images from Belgrade is shown. Here tennis star Ana Ivanovic also appears. Jovana Janković and Željko Joksimović shows up on stage afterwards. Next up is Azerbaijan's Elnur & Samir performing their visual attractive Day After Day. In this performance, a huge amount of fire and pyrotechnics are used. This is Azerbaijan's first attempt in the Eurovision Song Contest, and they will definitely be big threat to their competitors.

Thereafter the first up-tempo song is presented: Slovenia's Vrag Naj Vzame performed by Rebeka Dremelj and her backing dancers and singers. A windmachine is used for this solidperformance. First Scandinavian country is Norway. Maria is singing her beautiful pop song Hold On Be Strong. The stage and LED screen is in dark, blue colours with what resembles stars. This was a competent performance with a minimalistic choreography.

Number ten to perform is Poland's representative Isis Gee performing her beautiful, American stylebalad For Life with big gestures.Isis Gee wears a long light blue gown. The stage is covered in white and light blue colours. Thereafter the presenters come on stage again, but during to some technical difficulties the show had to be stopped temporarily.

Thereafter the first puppet ever appeared on a Eurovision Song Conteststage, namely Ireland's Dustin the Turkey performing Irelande Douze Pointe. The powerful and energetic performance of this disco techno song is highly amuzing because of Dustin's peculiar being.

Thereafter Andorra's Gisela and her four backing dancers, who also are vocalists, came on stage with their uptempo song Casanova. Gisela was wearing a unique dress. The stage was mostly covered in warm red and yellow colours. Gisela gave a solid performance and seemed comfortable on stage. Next up on stage was Bosnia & Herzegovina's performer Laka singing their song Pokušaj. The whole setup of this performing brings a smile to your face as the two main figures, Laka and Mirela were running on stage. Two consecutive years of 8th place in the final is what next on stage, Armenia's Sirusho, needs to improve. Sirusho looked fantastic on stage with her short white, grey and black dress while singing her entry Qele, Qele. Pyrotechnics are used at the end of this uptempo and entertaining performance.

The Netherlands' representative Hind was next on stage performing her uptempo, oriental sounding song Your Heart Belongs To Me. This was a flawless performance by the Dutch singer, and both the backing singers and the dancers looked like they had fun on stage. Hind oozes of professionalism on stage and seem ready of the big night tomorrow.First and only metal rock band to enter the stage in the Belgrade Arena this year is Finland's representatives Teräsbetoni singing their song Missä Miehet Ratsastaa. The performance of this Finnish rock band was powerful and during the performance the lights on stage are intensively blinking. The colour theme of the stage and the LED screen in the background is white and red colours. Furthermore, smoke and pyrotechnics complete this wild performance. The wild and crazy performance by Finland was thereafter replaced by the beautiful balad performed by Romania's Nico & Vlad. Just as expected, the two talented performers delivered a solid and impressive performance of their song Pe-o Margine De Lume. The colour theme on the stage and on the LED projections are dark and resembles a romantic night sky. Next up is the bookmaker favourite Russia who are sending their super star Dima Bilan to the Eurovision Song Contest. Dima performed his ballad Believe very convincingly as he has done throughout this previous rehearsals. The LED projections and the stage in general is covered in dark and white colours. The last country to enter the stage for this first semi-final was energetic Kalomira representing Greece. Greece won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, and now Kalomira is doing her very best to get the song contest back to the Greek capital of Athens. She delivered a great performance, and her professional backing dancers help to make this uptempo song something special. During Kalomira's performance of Secret Combination a giant book opens on stage and in a matter of seconds, she stand inside a big heart.

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Concours Eurovision de la chanson 1968

19 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Date 6 avril 1968
Présentatrice Katie Boyle
Télédiffuseur hôte BBC
Lieu Royal Albert Hall, Londres
Drapeau de pays: Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni

Chanson gagnante La, la, la
par Massiel
Nombre de participants 17
Désistement Drapeau de pays: Danemark Danemark

Résultats en Finale, le 6 avril 1968

Artiste Chanson
Langue(s) Place Points
Espagne Massiel La, la, la Espagnol 1 29
Drapeau de pays: Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni Cliff Richard Congratulations Anglais 2 28
Drapeau de pays: France France Isabelle Aubret La source Français 3 20
Drapeau de pays: Irlande Irlande Pat McGeegan Chance of a lifetime Anglais 4 18
Drapeau de pays: Suède Suède Claes-Göran Hederström Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mej Suédois 5 15
Drapeau de pays: Allemagne Allemagne Wencke Myhre Ein Hoch der Liebe Allemand 6 11
Belgique Belgique Claude Lombard Quand tu reviendras Français 7 8
Drapeau de pays: Monaco Monaco Line & Willy À chacun sa chanson Français 7 8
Drapeau de pays: Yougoslavie Yougoslavie Luci Capurso & Hamo Hajdarhodžić Jedan dan Croate 7 8
Drapeau de pays: Italie Italie Sergio Endrigo Marianne Italien 10 7
Drapeau de pays: Luxembourg Luxembourg Chris Baldo & Sophie Garel Nous vivrons d'amour Français 11 5
Drapeau de pays: Portugal Portugal Carlos Mendes Verão Portugais 11 5
Drapeau de pays: Autriche Autriche Karel Gott Tausend Fenster Allemand 13 2
Drapeau de pays: Norvège Norvège Odd Børre Stress Norvégien 13 2
Drapeau de pays: Suisse Suisse Gianni Mascoio Guardando il sole Italien 13 2
Drapeau de pays: Finlande Finlande Kristina Hautala Kun kello käy Finnois 16 1
Drapeau de pays: Pays-Bas Pays-Bas Ronnie Tober Morgen Néerlandais 16 1

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18 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Les membre du Forum Eurovision-Info , (dont je fait partis) ont élu leur chanson gagnante du Concours Eurovision de la Chanson 2008.

Suède 104 points

Portugal 98
Russie 83
Islande 67
Norvège 64
Serbie 60
Arménie 56
Suisse 56
Andorre 52
Israël 40
Slovénie 39
Hongrie 39
Belgique 37
Pologne 35
Lettonie 32
Allemagne 31
Grèce 31
Roumanie 29
Danemark 18
Albanie 18
Turquie 17
Royaume-Uni 15
France 13
Malte 10
Espagne 0

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Portugal ESC 2008 2e rehearsal.

18 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

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Eurovision 2008 First rehearsal for Serbia

17 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Jelena Tomašević (Serbia): first rehearsal

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Welcome to Belgrade - Eurovision Countdown

17 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

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Concours Eurovision de la chanson 1967

17 Mai 2008 , Rédigé par Istvan Publié dans #Eurovision

Date 8 avril 1967
Présentatrice Erika Vaal
Télédiffuseur hôte ÖRF
Lieu Großer Festsaal der Wiener Hofburg, Vienne
Drapeau de pays: Autriche Autriche
Chanson gagnante Puppet on a String
par Sandie Shaw
Drapeau de pays: Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
Nombre de participants 17
Désistement Drapeau de pays: Danemark Danemark
Aucun point Drapeau de pays: Suisse Suisse

Résultats en finale, le 8 avril 1967

Artiste Chanson
Langue(s) Place Points
Drapeau de pays: Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni Sandie Shaw Puppet on a String Anglais 1 47
Drapeau de pays: Irlande Irlande Sean Dunphy If I Could Choose Anglais 2 22
Drapeau de pays: France France Noëlle Cordier Il doit faire beau là-bas Français 3 20
Drapeau de pays: Luxembourg Luxembourg Vicky Leandros L'amour est bleu Français 4 17
Drapeau de pays: Monaco Monaco Minouche Barelli Boum Badaboum Français 5 10
Espagne Raphael Hablemos del amor Espagnol 6 9
Belgique Belgique Louis Neefs Ik heb zorgen Néerlandais 7 8
Drapeau de pays: Allemagne Allemagne Inge Brück Anouschka Allemand 8 7
Drapeau de pays: Suède Suède Östen Warnerbring Som en dröm Suédois 8 7
Drapeau de pays: Yougoslavie Yougoslavie Lado Leskovar Vse rože sveta Slovène 8 7
Drapeau de pays: Italie Italie Claudio Villa Non andare più lontano Italien 11 4
Drapeau de pays: Finlande Finlande Fredi Varjoon - suojaan Finnois 12 3
Drapeau de pays: Portugal Portugal Eduardo Nascimento O vento mudou Portugais 12 3
Drapeau de pays: Autriche Autriche Peter Horten Warum es 100.000 Sterne gibt Allemand 14 2
Drapeau de pays: Norvège Norvège Kirsti Sparboe Dukkemann Norvégien 14 2
Drapeau de pays: Pays-Bas Pays-Bas Therese Steinmetz Ringe-dinge-ding Néerlandais 14 2
Drapeau de pays: Suisse Suisse Géraldine Quel cœur vas-tu briser Français 17 0

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